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Mayooraadhiroodham mahaavaakyagoodham , Manohaarieham mahacchittagehan,
Maheedevadevam mahaa veda bhaavam, Mahaadeva baalam bhaie loka paalam.

Sri Subrahmanya is the younger son of Lord Siva and Parvathi. He resides in hills. His vehicle (vahana) is peacock. Sri Subrahmanya is also known as Sri Shanmukha, Sri Karthikeya, and Sri Muruga.

The following story traces the origin of Lord Subrahmanya: Those were the times when the asuras Soorapadman and his brothers Simhamuka and Taraka had gained total ascendancy over the Devas by virtue of boons granted to them by Lord Siva, pleased as He was with their severely austere penance. They subjected Devas to cruel harassment. Their tyrannical rule became so oppressive that the Devas headed by Brahma approached Lord Siva and pleaded in all earnestness to Him to rescue them from their distressing and humiliating situation. The Lord readily obliged them with the assurance that He would bring forth a son who would subdue the asuras and restore them (the Devas) to their rightful status. Thus Lord Subrahmanya was bom. He killed Soorapadma, thus rescued the Devas from the tortures of asuras. It is also said that Sri Subrahmanya advised His Father Lord Siva the meanings of Pranava.

Man is tormented by internal enemies. They are lust anger, ego, avarice, pride and jealousy. They are demonic qualities (Asura Sampat). The destruction of demons like Soorapadma (Soora represents ego) by Subrahmanya symbolises the elimination of demonic qualities by devotees. Pure knowledge is then attained by the devotees

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