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Rules and Regulations

Information and Guidelines

Temple entrance from the Court Room door only. The temple is a house of God. Being a very sacred place, all visitors are required to abide by the following rules and regulations applicable to all areas of the temple:


Please do not touch any of the idols within the temple. To maintain the spiritual atmosphere observe silence inside the temple.

Dress Code

Appropriate attire is suggested. As this is a place of worship, visitors are requested to abide by the following dress code. All clothing must cover shoulders and knees. The dresses like shorts, short skirts,ripped or truncated jeans or sleeveless shirts etc are not advisable. Please avoid dresses which are inappropriate while attending the temple.


are located in the basement. Diapers to be changed in the rest room only.


Photo graphy and videography inside the MahaMandapam is strictly prohibited.

Cell Phones

Please switch off all cell phones prior to entering the temple. Cell phones with cameras must not be used to take photographs inside the temple.

Food & Drink

No food or drinks are allowed inside the MahaMandapam. Please discard any chewing gum in the bin provided before entering. The ingredients such as Onion, Garlic are not to be used for food preparation and as well as take bath before preparing any prasadams for the temple.

Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking, tobacco, alcohol and drugs are not allowed anywhere in the temple premises.


Free parking available. Do not park in the fire-zones and in front of any of the building. The management does not assume any responsibility for vehicles parked on the premises.


Guides are available for schools / groups. (Advance notice required and subject to availability. Write to


For the safety of all visitors, all activities in the Complex are monitored and recorded by video surveillance. Pets are not allowed inside the complex.


Visitors wishing to make donations towards the temple contact the Front DESK. Cheques can be made payable to 'NEHTI.' Tax receipt will be issued for amounts over $15.00. Please make your donations to front desk or deposit in the HUNDI

Childrens Please do not allow your children to run around and play in the Maha Mantapam of the temple. This is very distracting to devotees trying to concentrate on the ritual. It is recommended the childrens are accompanied by the adults.
Maha Mantapam The Temple is a center for devotion, worship, performance of religious functions and expression of gratitude to the deity of your choice. Sancity of the Temple must be respected and silence must be observed to avoid disturbance to the Temple activities. The Maha Mantapam is a place for prayer, whorship and ritual. If you wish to socialize with your friends, kindly go downstairs or outside, especially when the priests are performing a ritual and devotees are trying to pay attention to the procedures. Please be sensitive to those around you wishing to pray quietly. No Eating is allowed in maha mantapam
Footwear Please leave your footwear at the entrance in an orderly way, so that they are easily available at the time of leaving, after worship.

Please Note -The Management also reserves the right to cancel or alter any visit or close the temple or part of the premises without prior notice. Every effort will be made to avoid any inconvenience.

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Temple Timings: Mon-Thu 9AM-12PM & 5:30PM-09:00PM, Fridays 9AM-12PM & 5:30PM-09:00PM, Sat,Sun & Holidays 9AM-09:00PM  (Timings subject to weather conditions)